Wind You Update

I planned to write a blog on the laptop this evening. I thought I’d have a quick flick through all the news stories and click bait in my homepage and then crack on with some nonsense.

But I can’t.

Because we’re currently mid-update.

This might take a while, it says on the screen. Which is a very reassuring sort of statement. It might take a while. It might not. But it will. Ages.

Why not be honest with me, Windows update screen? Don’t give me a vague idea that it might take a while, just tell me it will take a while. Maybe put a message up suggesting things I could go and do in the time it’ll take to update.

Like learn a second, and third, language. Read War and Peace. Or paint the Sistene Chapel.

I have my computer set to update outside of the hours I use the laptop. It’s a small window. But it’s normally quite happy doing it. Unfortunately, when I turned the laptop off last night, and chose Update and Shut Down I forgot about this part.

Anne Frank hid from the Germans for less time than this will take to install…

.. and when it finally finishes updating and allows me back into the digital playground I won’t be able to find anything that’s any different. Even if I spend all night looking, with the patch notes, I’ll still be unable to find anything that explains ny two-hours of waiting. And staring.

And waiting.