Aren’t You A Bit Old For A Den?

We’ve been doing a fair bit of work in the garden over the last couple of days, trying to get it to have some semblance of order and normalcy.

The problem with our garden is that it is small, and everything in it grows like buggery when your back is turned. Things have shot up over the last week or so and it bore quite a few similarities to a jungle until we went to it with various garden implements.

And in generally having a tidy up, Carole has come up with a revolutionary little seating area that, it’s fair to say, she’s entirely in love with.

The problem with our garden is that it’s not hugely private. Because we live in a terraced house, all the gardens just join on to each other and you can generally see from one end to the other. It doesn’t make it a hugely desirable space to sit out in when the weather’s nice. Couple that with the shitbox children next door and it’s not somewhere you want to mooch about it when other people are around.

Nice neighbour, though, has erected hugely tall fencing around her garden, which means that we no longer have a straight view of the adjoining six houses. So we now get a modicum of privacy from one side. There’s still the other side, but there’s not much point erecting our own tall fence there as they’ll just trash it as soon as it is in because they’re absolute shits.

There is, however, a patch of ground behind the dilapidated shed. It has, in the past, been home to the compost heap and, more recently, just become a dumping ground for anything that happens to be kicking around the garden – pots, garden furniture, more pots… you get the idea.

We’ve cleared that whole area out.

And Carole’s appropriated it as a den-cum-reading-nook type affair.

It’s ridiculously private when you’re sitting in there, and considering it’s only a few feet from the house, it’s really quite peaceful as well. It won’t stand up to any of next door’s banging DJ sessions, but then very few things will.

It’s not even finished yet – we’ve got a bit of paving to do, and some gravel to lay – but Carole’s already working out the finer details. She wants solar powered fairy lights, so she can sit out there in the evenings. We’ve talked about putting up an old flower crate so she can have shelves to put drinks on, her book, or whatever other nonsense she fancies. And she’s working on screening off the “ugly” parts of it with ferns we’ve redistributed from around the garden.

She’s also spent some quality time online looking for a garden armchair.

I reckon we should get it all sorted just in time for the inevitable rains that will pepper most of summer, seeing as we’ve had all this good stuff now.

I’ll order her an umbrella, as well. Wouldn’t want her to not be able to use her new spot!