Carole’s super pleased with me today because I mowed the lawn.

It’s not a big deal. It needed doing, so I did it.

If I’m going to be forced out of bed early in the morning because nice next door is embarking on her two-hour lawn trimming routine, then I might as well join in with the fun and do our lawn as well.

Even if ours took a fraction of the time that hers did.

And I can’t deny that throughout the whole thing, I enjoyed the fact that it was early morning and I was making plenty of noise. Obviously, I would hate to think that I in any way disturbed the slumber of our banging-music-loving neighbours next door. But I sort of hope I did.

I know, it’s entirely petty, right?


But still. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Things like leaving the mower running while you untangle the wire from various ferns and the body of the mower itself. Yes, it would have been easier to sort out that tangle with two hands. But would it have been as noisy?

No it would not.

When you’re living next door to people who don’t seem to care about other people’s property, or lives, it’s nice to sort of strike back in a way that’s not malicious or vindictive. But is jolly annoying first thing in the morning. During a school holiday. When the kids will still be in bed, sleeping off their traditional 1am run around. I don’t mind being the better person most of the time, but even the best person likes to have a bit of mischief every now and again.

And a tidy lawn.