I like the nice weather. I do.

That’s what we’re calling it now, it’s nice weather. It’s not a heatwave, because it’s been going on for a while now. It’s just nice weather.

But I really wouldn’t mind a thunderstorm, just to clear the air a bit.

Every day I look at the weather app on my phone and I see that, a couple of days into the future, there is rain and thunder forecast. And then when those days come round, there is no rain or thunder. But there is some forecast for a couple of days time.

It just never comes.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I love the fact that I have completely forgotten what wearing a coat or jacket feels like. I love being able to come home at 11pm at night and not being cold. I love all that.

I’m not sure I love the sweating. The sweating can do one.

I’ve had three showers today. Each one has been cooler than the last. The one I threw myself under a little while ago was delightfully cold, me having just come back from an evening at work dripping with sweat. I know, it’s an attractive image.

I just sit at a desk, more or less. Sure there’s some work to be done resetting the rooms but even so, I shouldn’t be getting this sweaty.  And that’s with all the heaters set to blow cold air around the place and all the windows open.

I just want some thunder. A bloody great thunderstorm with awesome lightning – none of that sheet lightning bollocks – that lasts for a decent while and doesn’t just whizz past with no care or consideration for people who want to enjoy it. A good old-fashioned thunderstorm, like you used to get when I was a kid.

Back when weather was proper. Back when reservoirs dried up, and snowfalls could be several feet deep with almost no mention of it on the news.

But mainly just a decent thunderstorm so I can enjoy a day without any sort of undermoob sweating…

Is that too much to ask?