Unravelling Gravelling

This morning started as all good Sunday mornings do – with a discussion about whether we should go to B&Q or not.

We’re still working on the path in the back garden, something that is evolving as it goes along, so we’re buying stuff like the gravel and stepping stones in dribs and drabs. As we need them instead of all in one go.

We needed, this morning, probably three or four bags of gravel and a couple more stepping stones to pop into the garden for ease of access.

Basically it was an in, get, pay, leave kind of trip.

We were there ages.

We left with no gravel. And no stepping stones.

Not because there is a world shortage of gravel or stepping stones.

We didn’t even get that far.

We came out with nearly three hundred pounds-worth of stuff that we didn’t set out to get. New garden chairs, cushions for the chairs, a stool that also functions as a table and as a delightful cooler we can fill with ice packs and drinks, and a lawn mower.

We set off to buy none of this.

We wanted new garden furniture but not yet, and it wasn’t anything like the stuff we ended up with. Obviously Carole wanted a decent chair for her new den, and she’d picked an armchair originally. And now we have recliners that she’s super-excited about. I decided we needed a new mower yesterday for no other reason than the one we have has a fixed length handle which makes it harder to store.

I don’t know what’s happening to us. And by us I mean me. I hate shopping for stuff we don’t want. I hate browsing and things of that nature. I need to be clean and clinical. In, get, out. That’s it. No messing.

And yet there’s a lawnmower in a box under the dining table (there’s nowhere for it outside yet) that says otherwise….

This is my life now!