On The Fringe Of The Fringe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Some think that relates to Christmas. Others to the end of the six week school holidays when all the little treasures go back to school.

For me, it’s the day that the Fringe guide falls from the letterbox to the doormat and a three thousand and something shows are at my fingertips to peruse and make poor judgement calls on.

This year is quite interesting because it’s the first year that a big chunk of the people we normally go and see are either not performing, or are performing towards the end of the month when we’re not there. I’m looking directly at you, Austentatious. Although if Cariad’s not there until closer to the end of the month there will be more of those delicious buns from Peter’s Yard all for meeeee!

After last year, I think it’s safe to say we have learnt our lesson. Last year we tried a lot of new people and we were, on the whole, left wanting. Mainly wanting something to laugh at. This year, though, we’re not allowed to just blindly pick people based on a write-up. We have to do actual research. Homework, if you like.

The first year I went to the Fringe, my choices of shows – albeit a very small choice because I was only there for a weekend – was determined by people I knew from Twitter. The second year it was people I knew from Twitter and people they knew who I had also got to know a bit from Twitter. And so on.

This year is going to be a small collection of people who are safe. That is to say, people who have not let us down, or are very, very unlikely to. And then people who pass a very rigorous vetting system via the medium of YouTube.

Oh, and a play with Robert Picardo and Sylvester McCoy in. Because how can you not go and see something like that if you’re given a bloody chance. Doctor Who and an Emergency Medical Hologram in the same place, on the same stage. It’s a no brainer. They don’t need to be YouTubed. They get a pass.

We’ve also got to factor in some Escape Rooms. We did a couple last year, but there’s still a few to go at and they set us in good stead for the day ahead.

And, of course, plenty of time for FroYo. Plenty of time for plenty of FroYo, in fact. Assuming it’s still there. It must still be there. It bloody well better still be there.

That could make or break the entire thing…