Book Nook

I’m actually really jealous of Carole’s little den in the garden.

I finished it off yesterday, as a surprise of sorts for Carole. We had planned to finish it in the evening when Caz got home from work, but I thought I’d just do it during the day and say nothing about it. It wasn’t exactly a big job, it was just emptying out and spreading about the contents of four bags of gravel.

I will admit, though, I spent a lot of time sitting in what she now terms her “reading nook”.

And it’s really nice.

You wouldn’t think it would be, really. It being located in the traditional dumping ground at the bottom of the garden. But when you’re sitting in there and you’ve got the shed to one side of you, bushes to another and the lovely fence of next door with new plants springing up in front of it, it’s easy to forget you’re sitting in the small back garden of a house in the middle of Huddersfield.

It does have a small disadvantage, though.

I’m not sure it’s as easy to fall asleep while reading as it is, say, lying on the couch. Even though the chairs we have got recline, I just don’t think the whole arrangement is as conducive to nodding off as inside the house.

I am, though, willing to test that theory.

You know, for science.

We’ve put some solar lights in, as well. And there’s a string of fairy lights to put up somewhere because why the hell not. I’m actually quite impressed with the solar lights. They’re a lot brighter than I thought they would be. I’m sure I’ve only ever encountered lights in the past that have been slightly brighter than a firefly in a jar covered in black paint. But these ones are quite bright. They were beaming out at something past midnight this morning, as I threw open the door to take a quick picture.

A very quick picture, as it turned out, because I could hear Trixie coming and I didn’t have the strength to start chasing her out of the house. I had to just snap the picture and get the door shut pretty damn quick. The problem, you see, with a black cat – at night – is that you can’t see her. She was close though. The tinkle of her collar gave the game away. A couple more solar lights and it’ll be like daylight at night time in that garden, then she’ll stand no chance.

We’ll be out there, reading at all hours.

Well, Carole will. There’s no room for me in her nook.

Damn it.