Drunk And Disembarking

I varied my bus home a little bit today.

I toyed with the idea – the very attractive idea, in a way – of sitting around in the square outside Huddersfield train station, just reading my book, for half an hour or so until the bus came. But then I also toyed with the idea of paying a few pounds more (I had already paid for my bus ride home with a return ticket) and getting a bus due in 8 minutes.

Reading really did appeal to me.

But heading home won out.

So I got the other bus.

And on the other bus, in the front seats, were two women.

So far, so normal.

They were not normal.

They were pissed beyond pissed. Eyes were not focusing. Speech was slurred.

I got on, walked to a seat and sat down. As I passed them, one of them turned to me (I assume – her eyes were all over the place) and said “Hiya!!” as though she knew me. She did not know me. I did not know her. She then followed this up with “Where do you work, then?”

I, being me, ignored them. I’ve been caught out like this before and ended up in a one-sided conversation with a Mormon. Although they probably wouldn’t be pissed if they were a Mormon.

Anyway, as I say, I ignored them. And with that, I was forgotten. She turned front-facing again. She leant on her friend. They slurred words between the two of them.

They got off the bus at the stop before KFC & McDonalds on Leeds Road saying, to everyone on the bus, that they wanted pizza and chips. They would get chips, but no pizza.

They got off, the bus driver shut the door and drove off and then the remaining occupants of the bus – who had been on with these drunk ladies since the start of the journey – started a discussion.

Basically, these ladies wanted to go back to either Dewsbury or Leeds. They had paid enough to go to Dewsbury or Leeds. They, presumably, lived in one of those places. I, in fact, had their tickets attached to my ticket because they hadn’t removed them from the machine.

They are not in either of those places.

They’re at the KFC on Leeds Road trying to find a pizza. It’s unclear if they thought they had been on the bus for a considerably longer length of time that they had been. It’s also unclear where they actually thought they were, because I know that route pretty well and it doesn’t really go near anywhere that even resembles where they got off.

There are moral questions here. A couple of the women were saying that, really, the driver shouldn’t have let them off. But if you ring the bell, stand up and wait to get off the bus at a stop, should the driver then check you actually mean to get off? Should you let two clearly very, very drunk women just get off a bus somewhere where, it is assumed, they shouldn’t be getting off? I mean, that’s a little bit of a grey area. But then, everyone on the bus was just assuming they didn’t really want to get off there. So again, are you supposed to check with them before they depart?

And then there’s the flipside. Surely they have to take some responsibility for getting so drunk that they don’t know where they are?

Or where they can buy a pizza?