Heck, It’s Hector

Today has been a day of almost constant jumping.

Not because I’ve bought a trampoline, because in the whole of the multiverse I can’t see that one ending particularly well. No, because it’s been ridiculously windy today. Storm Hector – I think that was it – has blown in and caused chaos, probably. I tend to avoid the news these days, trying to keep my life Trump (and misery) free as much as possible, but I’m willing to bet that in at least one news article or report there was some footage of a person walking along a sea wall as a wave smashed against it.

Anyway, windy it has been. Hector has lived up to his name. Whatever that means. Storm Hector, the hot weather deflector. As almost no-one is calling it.

It’s been windy.

I knew it was windy first thing this morning, when I got up, as I had to fight my way past the curtains which were whipping out to get me. Black-out curtains pack quite a punch, it turns out, as they billow out like ship sails, forcing you to get past them like you’re trying to get out of a bouncy castle that’s rapidly deflating around you.

So, yeah, it’s been windy.

Which has meant that the windows of the house, which have been open more-or-less constantly for the past who knows how long, have been variously blowing open and shut throughout the day as Hector whistled past them. Thus the day has been punctuated by muffled thuds as a window is blown shut, then further muffled thuds as that window is blown open and another blown shut.

With this house, that’s taking a huge risk.

It’s a wonder that the windows blowing shut haven’t just toppled out of the house. I can’t imagine they’re screwed into anything particularly strong or structural. Because there’s not a lot of that anywhere around the house at the best of times. They’re mainly held in by hopes and dreams, I think. I know the bathroom window has at least one insanely long screw in it because that was fitted during the “Matthew Years” when he decided something he knew nothing about wasn’t right. Other than that… unicorn farts and Care Bear tears..

I went out into the garden earlier, to do something or other, and I nearly couldn’t get back into the house such was the force of the wind. It had created a sort of vacuum around the back door, making it an absolute sod and half to hope. The cat flap’s been stuck out at a jaunty angle for quite a while today as well. It’s been a wonder we haven’t had a visit from the local ball of fluff, because while she can’t work out a closed cat flap, even she couldn’t be bamboozled by one held open by wind.