Maybe Lost, Hopefully Found

After years of thinking about it, talking about it and then not doing anything about it we’re finally springing for some new bookshelves which, hopefully, will cope better with the bookaholic nature of this house.

They’re taller, so in theory we should be able to stop double-lining the shelves with two rows of books and actually start to see what we’ve got. And then spend a while going “Why have we got that?” before we get rid of some books and discover we didn’t need the bigger shelves in the first place.

I’m quite excited just to see what’s fallen down behind the shelves in the years they’ve been there.

I know there have been times when I could have sworn something was on top of the shelves but when I’ve gone to get it it’s not been there. And it’s nowhere to be seen. We’ll get to find all sorts of nonsense, notes and (probably) money that has dropped down the back in the past five or six years.

I remember when I was at Uni and living in the Uni accommodation which is now some swanky posh flats or some such. I was tidying/rearranging my room – which must have meant I either had a project due or an exam to study for. I moved the bed and discovered a tenner down the back of it.

Which was awesome. For a variety of reasons. Obviously first and foremost, it’s a tenner. Secondly, I had not found myself in a position where I thought I should have had ten pounds more than I had, so it was a bonus find. And thirdly, it was a tenner. Wooo. Pot Noodles all round, and one for yourself shopkeep!

I’m hoping for that here.

Sort of.

Except it won’t be legal tender because it’ll be an old-school note instead of one of the new indestructible polymer ones. Which is more trouble than it’s worth, queueing up in a bank that no longer actually has a counter to change money into something that’s actually in circulation. Not sure I can be bothered with that.

Maybe we should do what theatres do when they have refurbishment – just collect all the crap we find under and behind things and put them on display as “artifacts”. That’s what the City Varieties in Leeds have done. A selection of ye olde litter is in a glass cabinet near the bar so you can see how they used to live in the olden days. Messily, is the answer. There’s quite a lot of litter.

I think we’re just going to find mainly spider carcasses.

Maybe a coin or two.

And undoubtedly, given that they’re EVERYWHERE ELSE in the house, at least one hair bobble.

Still, a lost fortune would be quite nice. We could put it towards the cost of the shelves.