Carole Service

I had the pleasure of working with Carole today.

I know, right. I go to work to get away from her and somehow, even though she doesn’t even work there, I end up working with her. What the heck is all that about. Which meant we got to try out something that has never been done before and – if I have my way – will never be done again.

We had a small snafu which left me in charge of two games at the same time. It’s been discussed in the past, but it’s not something we’ve ever done before. And, hopefully, isn’t anything we’ll do again! I mean, it was fun, and a challenge. But you can’t give either team the level of attention you would if you were just running one game.

In theory it’s entirely possible to do, but it just doesn’t work with our set-up. It might, with some tweaking of the way we do things, but hopefully the situation will not arise again and everything will run swimmingly from now on.

Basically, Carole pulled a blinder today and offered to help me out when I really needed it. She came in, togged herself out in a proper work top and helped me run some rooms.

And, you know what, it was really good. I mean, she did keep telling me things I could do, or should have said or whatever, but it was good. It’s not like I’ve been doing it for ages now, or anything! Haha.

Carole was my chief meet-and-greet lady today. She was an absolute star offering to collect teams from the door and bring them up, and then to ferry them back downstairs to freedom after their game. She was really good at it as well, but she did used to man the reception desks of a multitude of London hotels so when you’ve had people repeatedly trying to boil eggs in a kettle, anything else is a piece of piss.

I’m not sure the escape room world is for her, though. She loved it, and there’s no denying that. But she found the whole thing rather tense once the teams are in the room. She was worrying about their progress and, sweetly, giving me a blow-by-blow commentary on the room that I couldn’t listen to while I listened to the other one.

We made a hell of a team.

And we all know that Carole is a natural talker, so she was chatting to anyone and everyone about rooms we’ve done, places we’ve gone to do them and all sorts of other stuff. If she actually worked with me, people would never leave. She’d just be talking to them, all day. Teams would be backing up at the door because the first team of the day hadn’t finished having a good old natter with her.

It was pretty awesome actually.