I know that this blog is now supposed to be a Trump-free zone. That I am making a massive effort to steer clear of everything that the orange idiot does. Which, incidentally, is a lot of work. Because he’s a very prolific doer of things that people feel the need to talk about.

Obviously I’m not blind to it all, I just try not to get sucked in to it like I may have used to. I know enough to know that when unobserved, at least by me, he’s still a huge bell end.

But I think I know where he’s getting his ideas from. Or his fears. Or whatever.

Clive Cussler novels.

I am, as I think I have mentioned before, embarking on a read of Cussler’s entire catalogue. From Mayday all the way to whatever the most recent Dirk Pitt one is, via the Fargo adventures, Isaac Bell, The NUMA files and the Oregon ones as well. There are a lot. I’m suffering every shoe-horned cameo by the author – the most recent of which made me almost physically ill, such was the pain it brought to me.

But most of all I’m suffering the sexism, racism, misogyny and whatever other -isms the earlier books have to offer.

I’m currently reading Flood Tide which, despite starting off in the traditional Cussler style with a shipwreck and a lost artefact doesn’t touch on this until the last 60 pages or so. Instead the story is one of illegal immigrants from China…

But it also touches on other illegal immigrants from Mexico.

In fact it postulates, towards the end, a “Pacifica” which sees America split into three distinct countries. One Chinese, one American and one Mexican.

I’m almost sure Trump has read this book and thought it was some kind of research paper. You know, like when he saw about those shootings in Sweden that never happened. I say almost sure because there’s more chance he’s listened to the audio book or had someone read it to him, replacing every mention of “Dirk Pitt” with “Donald Trump”.

I mean, it covers of a lot of American businesses losing out to the Chinese and it thrives on all sorts of nefarious people trafficking, using underwater containers strapped to boats (with no mention of how no-one suffocates in these sealed boxes). It’s everything that DJT is worried about. It’s got to be his source material.

Come to think of it, I remember reading a Lee Child novel where Jack Reacher was trying to get over some sort of tricky wall to gain entry to somewhere and it was all sorts of difficult.

Trump’s entire ideas portfolio comes from the pages of action novels.