Polish Delight

I’m not saying that I was fishing for compliments, or for a thank you or whatever, but I casually asked mum if she noticed anything different in the garden when she got home from her janut to Poland this evening.

“Everything’s been watered…” she said. Which it has. But that’s also a sly dig at us because when she went away the other week (I know, right, she’s never bloody there) we didn’t even think about watering her garden and she declared everything dead and that there was no point in doing anything.

But she was completely oblivious to the fact that I slaved all day on Tuesday to do things. Completely oblivious. I mean, yeah she’d just got back in after a flight from another country, and she can only see out of half of her eyes but even so, you’d like to think she’d notice stuff that’s changed. After all, she’s very quick to say she can’t find things and that they have been stolen.

But no. Not a sausage.

She noticed we’d got a bench out.

That was it.

I mean, I don’t want to say I was hurt. But…

Nah, it’s fine. Honestly.

The main thing is that she had a really good time in Poland. Which she did, about from one of the people she went with being all sorts of fricking weird. And them being booked into the wrong hotel. And almost late for their flight out.

But other than that she had a great time. Clearly all inheritance is now going to be spent on exotic city breaks because she’s definitely got the bug for it. And now she knows how good the assistance service is at the airport I’m not sure anything will stop her. She loves a good queue-jump does my mother.

The only thing she doesn’t seem keen on is walking to post offices to buy stamps. She bought a postcard, but had to go to the post office for a stamp. And she did manage to do the thing where she declares she can’t be arsed. But because she was in another country and she likes to appear civilised, she instead implied she was too old to be giving up the time it would take to buy the stamp. I don’t know what any of that is in Polish, but I imagine it was all muttered in grumpy English as the shop assistant looked on, bewildered.

Ah it’s good to have her back…