Nyssa? I Barely Know Her

The problem with the internet is that there are too many rabbit holes to fall down when you’re just visiting a website to do one little thing.

Obviously, the worst of these is YouTube. No-one ever leaves YouTube having watched only one video, and more often than not it’s not even the video they went to YouTube to try and watch in the first place.

But there are more – Wikipedia can lead you down, deeper and deeper, as you click through to different sections, drawn in by tantalising hyperlinks buried within the article you happen to be reading.

For me, tonight, it’s Twitch. Twitch is my downfall. I’ve been online for about an hour or so, fully intending to come here and do this. But Twitch got its claws into me. Twitch is a streaming service mainly used for streaming video games, but it has various other branches. Actually, saying it’s mainly used for streaming video games is giving it too much credit these days. It used to be that, but now it’s primarily the home of attention-seeking girls with almost all of their breasts on display wearing shorts and finding random excuses to flash their bums on camera so that men will give them money…


But there is gaming on there.

There are people I will watch playing games. None of them are chest-revealing women.

But tonight I hopped on to claim my latest free game. Because Twitch is part of the Amazon family, there’s a campaign at the moment which is seeing Twitch members who use Amazon Prime get free games every day. I’m collecting them all, whether I will ever play them is another matter entirely. I went on to get today’s and was side-tracked.

Twitch are currently showing every episode of Doctor Who from start to finish. So from William Hartnell all the way through. I haven’t really dipped into it since it started because I’ve seen them all before, a lot, and because sometimes the chat on Twitch can really get on your tits.

Today I clicked. We’re on the fifth Doctor which is, more-or-less- the one I grew up with. I was there for the Tom Baker years, but consciously Peter Davison is my main memory. And, when I watched them all again while I was at Uni (UK Gold, Sunday mornings while all my housemates were asleep) I fell in love with them all over again. And by them I mean Nyssa, the best companion for aaaages.

I mean, with Nyssa it’s very much the rough with the smooth. Nyssa is awesome. The other companions you get at the time are awful. Adric is a fricking idiot. He’s like a kid with ADHD, just being annoying all the time. And Tegan, she of the Doctor Who phrase “Brave heart, Tegan”, is just always complaining. Like Danny I Hawaii 5-0. But Australian and an air stewardess.

They’re awful.

And you have to suffer them if you want to see Nyssa being awesome and lovely. Or at least, you have to suffer them all until Adric crashes a space ship full of cybermen into the Earth sixty-five million years ago, killing all the dinosaurs. That’s a massive disaster, but it is – literally – the best thing Adric ever did. And then you only have Nyssa and Tegan, so it’s a bit easier to stomach.

And then Nyssa goes and you’re stuck with bloody Tegan… meh.

But anyway, it was very early fifth Doctor stuff that was on tonight… featuring the use of a cricket ball to traverse the vacuum of space.

I mean, you can’t not watch that…

I’ve had to turn it off so that it can’t distract me anymore. I have stuff to do. I’ve got our Fringe itinerary to plan. I can’t be watching sexy space girls in purple velour pantsuits doing things. I just can’t.

Well, maybe for five minutes more…