Fan-nying About

What with it, still, being warm we’ve purchased a few more fans for the house, so you can go from room to room and be blown as much as you want. Or, if you’re feeling super warm, you can set them all up in front of you, turn then up and hold on for dear life.

There’s a fan in the kitchen. Because there’s very little that’s fun about a warm oven making a kitchen even warmer on an already warm day.

And for the most part the fan is great. It does what it should do. It provides a nice cooling breeze across the worktops. It keeps the temperature of the room at a bearable level and generally stops you dripping sweat into anything you’re cooking.

It’s a bit of a bugger when you have a gas oven and hob though.

Because I guarantee that you’ll forget it’s on, definitely for the first match.

So you turn the gas on, strike the match and pfft. The fan blows it out.

So far this has happened to me every single day. Sometimes more than once. And sometimes, even worse, more than once in the same lighting attempt. Yeah, rather than turn off the fan or move it or whatever, I’ve disregarded its input into the match lit-unlit scenario and just gone to light another one.

It’s the closest I can come to feeling the pain of a smoker trying to light a cigarette in a breeze, I guess.

It’s also a little bit disruptive when it comes to cooking using pots and pans as well, because unless you do something with it, it tends to blow the flame to one side, so only half of the stuff cooks.

Yesterday, I made some soup, and when I went to pour it out I nearly took all the skin off my hands because the handle of the pan was insanely hot. It took me ages to work out why. It had never happened before. I started to think I mustn’t have set the pan centrally on the flame or something.

But I had.

What I hadn’t factored in was the fact that the fan was blowing the flame so that it came up round the pan and boiled the handle. Danger, Will Robinson.

And don’t even get me started on measuring out flour for making bread. I looked like a villain in a Home Alone movie…

Can it not just bloody rain now…