Frantic Fringe

We’ve – I’ve – left booking things for the Edinburgh Fringe a lot later this year.

I don’t know why, really. I think, in part it’s to do with the fact that a lot of our staple shows – our go to guys, if you like – are not there this year, or are on for limited runs at the wrong end of the month. It’s not just one or two people, either, it’s droves of them. Actually, honest-to-goodness droves.

It’s a lot, anyway.

So I’ve not really been as excited about it as I should be, and so I’ve just put it off until it’s bordering on scary late in the month and things are selling out on days we want to see them.

The way our trip falls, at the moment, is that we hit the 2-for-1 days at the start of the month. So shows on those two days are absolute bargains and you’d be a fool not to get in and see them. So leaving it until now to book has added an element of excitement and risk to proceedings. A lot of the shows we’ve looked at have been booked up on one or both of those days, so a lot of jiggery-pokery has taken place when I’ve been arranging the shows onto a spreadsheet (because that’s what I do, here at nerds-r-us).

I’ve even been caught out mid-booking because the venue couldn’t allocate two tickets. It threw my whole plan into all sorts of disarray and confusion. Luckily it was close to the start of the week and I hadn’t booked an entire week of shows which then needed to be cancelled and rearranged to accommodate a move. But bloody hell, I didn’t like cutting it so fine.

We haven’t actually booked as many as we normally do. But we took the same approach last year and booked quite a few shows on the fly. But then, we also saw some absolutely painful shows last year so there’s that as well.

Carole, though, has invested in a book of hidden gems around Edinburgh, so I’m sure we’ll be all over the place looking at weird things.

And then there’s always the prospect of fitting in as many escape rooms while we’re up there as possible. I’ve already looked up seven so far, and there’s more to find…