I have had a photo on my phone for probably something approaching ten years. Maybe even longer than that. It’s one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken, right up there with a picture of a sign on some videos in Save The Children which branded them as “adult”. As opposed to children.

The picture is one I took of a magazine article a while back. Kelly Brook, it says, makes her own sandwiches so she can control what the fillings are.

I know, right. I have made my own sandwiches too. I am such a Kelly Brook.

At the time, this amused me geeatly because I never for one moment thought that Kelly Brook – as full of her own self-importance as she is – would ever not make her own sandwiches. I didn’t think anyone had a job description listing them as Kelly Brook’s Sandwich Artist.

I may have been wrong.

This week, though, I’ve been able to add to my “celebrities do stuff normal people do and it is needlessly reported” file.

Meghan Markle only does her own make-up.

I’m glad I was sitting down when I read that. As it was it caught me off guard because the story didn’t start “Is Meghan breaking Royak protocol by doing this…” which is what most stories seem to thrive on. She wore a non-sanctioned colour, spoke to the Queen, did some other nonsense. She’s just a rebel.

And she puts on her own make-up.

I don’t know how many more celebrity revelatons I can be privy to before my brain overloads.