One of the things I enjoy tremendously about my job is the time when I’m waiting for a team to arrive. It is during these times that I get to do one of my favourite things.

People watch.

I am, obviously, looking out for my team. I know how many are coming, but other than that I have no idea. But, you find, after a while of doing it you learn to spot the people who are coming to play. It’s a gift, almost like a super power. Albeit one with limited real world applications.

Sonetimes people ask me how I knew it was them as they walk towards the building. Which is a philosophical question in itself. Do they know they’re them. Who are they? What is they? I can never explain it. It’s just a sixth sense.

But while I’m looking out for my team, to baffle them with my powers, I’ watching everyone else.

Where we are located, people just meander across the roads without a care in the world. We’re on a sidestreet, just past the junction with the main, multi-lane, road. People saunter across the junction, or across the many lanes with not a care in the world. It’s okay at 11pm, but during the day? Not so much.

Tonight, a guy was meandering across the junction as a car tried to turn off the main (busy) road. He’d not looked, just struck on out for the other side without a care in the world.

The car turning in beeped at him.

He turned round and told the car to fuck off.

When the driver said sonething back to him – something far more civil than “fuck off” incidentally, his response was to say “I was here first!”

I’m not sure that’s a valid, or useful, arguement in the car vs person debate,

The guy wasn’t crossing at the crossing as to do so would have meant walking two feet further up the road. He was basically crossing in, statistically, the best place to be run over by a car.

Which he nearly was.

It was only his discovery of the legal loophole similar in application to finders keepers, losers weepers that kept him alive.

Who needs the Green Cross Code or the teachings of the Tufty Club?

Just make sure you claim ever road as your own as you cross it.