Gen Italia

I saw a van today, parked outside a restaurant in town.

On the side of the van was painted, as you may expect, the name of the company.

Now, I know there is nothing strange about it. It’s a perfectly legitimate name. It more or less describes, exactly, what the company does. It’s just that, when I saw it, I couldn’t read it that way.

The company is called Delitalia.

So it’s a deli company specialising in Italian foodstuffs. It’s a no brainer, really.

But once you’ve looked at it and your brain has drawn a comparison between the name of the company and the word “genitalia”, there’s really know going back.

So, for me, Delitalia is the art of making reproductive organs from food. Or maybe the word used to describe the reproductive organs of foodstuffs. Either which way it’s definitely no longer a deli company specialising in Italian gubbins.

Either that or genitalia is some sort of Italian gentleman’s club.

Which works on a number of levels.

I tried to take a photo of the van as the bus pulled up next to it but I didn’t manage it. It’s a design flaw of the iPhone, I feel. Your camera is readily available if you just swipe left, I think, or maybe right. Or even if you bring up the quick access menu and select camera in the same way I select torch all the bloody time when I’m hunting for keys at work. It’s really quick and convenient to gain access to the camera. It’s just that you never, ever remember that you can access it that way.

And that’s how you don’t get a picture of the Delitalia logo.

But it does exist.




When you Google it, the company name is revealed to contain capital letters which help distinguish the parts of the word. Del Italia, you see.

If they’d carried that same format over to their logo, I wouldn’t be thinking it was the Italian for testicles.