Start the day by taking Peppa to the vets on the back of very little sleep and a shit day yesterday. Finish the day with a cheeky little escape room experience in Brighouse.

That’s pretty much the perfect Saturday right there, aside from the lack of sleep element.

The sleep thing was further exacerbated by Carole who – in what resembles the best comedic timing in the world – woke up and then woke me up to tell me to roll over (and thus snore with less volume) mere minutes after I managed to get to sleep. I had spent the last hour or so lying in bed unable to nod off listening to Carole breath in normally and out with a “puh” noise.

But anyway.

We headed to Brighouse to dabble in the escape rooms of Project Breakout. A last minute booking once I knew that I was clear for the day – or at least the time needed to play the game – and we were down at Rokt, walking past all the climbing walls and what-have-you before beginning an ascent up a gazillion stairs to the top of the mill. And a long lie down.

We played the Antidote room, which is not an escape room as such. You basically – as the name suggests – just have to solve the puzzles round the room to correctly identify the antidote to the poison you are made to take before the game. With the poison coursing round your system, you’re then “tested” on your cognitive functions with a series of puzzles.

We had the slowest start ever.

So bloody slow.

I mean, there was a fifteen minute period where we were absolutely shit hot. Nothing phased us. We were puzzle to puzzle to puzzle to puzzle like machines. Everything just fell into place, made sense and clicked.

But before that we just aimlessly wandered the room, trying to find the starting point.

And, annoyingly, we both found it. On more than one occasion.

But in a way, that’s the fun of an escape room. When you know you’re being super dumb but not being able to see why you’re being super dumb. As much as it’s frustrating as hell because you’re burning through time like nobody’s business, it’s also entertaining as anything to then kick yourself about it for a good while afterwards.

There were too serious kick yourself moments in the room. One of them properly stumped us. I was spinning around in a circle at one point because we thought that might be the way to solve something. It was not. We are fricking stupid.

And when we did find the solution it was such a moment of, in a way, obviousness and then swearing. And then regret at what had gone before. I mean, you know, I spun round in a circle, repeatedly. For NO REASON.

Loved it, though.

We’ve tentatively set aside tomorrow night to do another one down there, depending on how my shifts pan out tomorrow.

But we’re bringing a crew with us. I mean, I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t like doing rooms with people outside the two of us. It feels wrong. But we’d said we would. And we will.

They better not drag us down, though.

We have a reputation to uphold.