Lock, Stock And Two Sticky Dials

We had tentatively planned to go and do another of the Brighouse escape rooms tonight but, as with all tentative plans, work came along and thwarted it.

Today has been a strange day at work. It started with fixing a myriad of broken things, following a visit from a drunken team. It ended fixing yet more things as a year of use has finally finished off one of the padlocks.

I’ll tell you what, the padlock people don’t make it easy to get into the instructions for how to change the padlock codes.

A directional padlock was our latest death. I’ve never had to swap one out before, so the first thing is to get the new one and read the instructions so you know what you’re doing.

The instructions were harder to get into than the bloody padlock.

They were sealed into a small plastic drawer in the base of the packaging for the lock.

There was no obvious way to remove the small plastic drawer from the packaging. Other than a small dotted outline where you were supposed to cut the backing sticker to gain access to the closed drawer.

And the packaging itself was a) a stupid shape and b) had a padlock attached to it because the instructions I was trying to get out of the small plastic drawer had the code on it.

In the end I resorted to brute force and ignorance, jamming some scissors in and basically catapulting the compartment across the room.

It took me ages.

You could open an actual escape room that is just based around getting into the packaging for that one lock and I’m not sure anyone would get out in the hour.

And then after I’d had the life-or-death tussle the old lock started working again. Obviously. Bastard thing. No-one (or thing) likes being replaced, it would seem.

But, sadly for it, its days were numbered. I’ve retired it to the demonstration lock table, where we’ll demonstrate how the lock works and it just won’t open and we’ll all look like idiots because we’ve forgotten that the demo one doesn’t work properly.

It was quite exciting though, when the lock failed. It looked, for a few minutes, like I’d get to use the bolt cutters. Unles you’re cutting a protestor off a fence, who gets to use bolt cutters?

I nearly used them to get the padlock instructions out of the packaging…