Bricking It

I love Lego.

I always have. And, probably, I always will.

I have never bought it in great quantities, though. And I do kick myself quite frequently when I think that I never got the DeLorean from Back To The Future, or the Ghostbusters set. Or the Doctor Who stuff.

But I do love Lego.

I don’t tend to go for the big sets because we don’t really have anywhere they can live. But I do have a soft spot for the mini figures. Because the mini figures are brilliant.

As you know, I fought tooth and nail to fill my Lego card album from Sainsbury’s which is, essentially, a collection of pictures of mini figures which ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous and stops at all ports in between. Some of the mini figures we have, some we missed out on but all of them have been seen in Edinburgh last year when we went to Brick City.

Carole vetoed the purchase of any more mini figures though. We (I) was filling the house with Lego and we had nowhere to put them. So I held back. I have let a few sets of the mini figures pass me by without dipping into the boxes of mystery bags and feeling them all to find out which ones we’re getting (it’s the only way).

But Carole’s tune has changed somewhat, recently.

Because now it’s Harry Potter themed.

And Carole loves her some Harry Potter.

So mini figures are very much back on the cards.

There are 22 characters from the world of Potter (and Fantastic Beasts) and we’ve done pretty well. I’ve randomly purchased 12 of them and we’ve got one duplicate. Now we’re into the realms of feeling for certain items to make sure we don’t get any further copies and that we do get the ones we want.

Feeling through the bag to make sense of Lego pieces is somewhat of a special skill. Because not only do you have to feel for a shape, but you have to work out what it is – or what it might be part of. I know, for example, that I’ll be feeling for a rat and a cat in order to get my hands on Ron and Hermione. But how much does a rat in a bag feel like an owl? And does that, in turn, feel like Dumbledore’s beard?

How long is it appropriate to stand in Sainsbury’s feeling all the packets is what I’m saying. Or, more correctly, feeling the packets and then looking at the display to try and work out which character I’m manhandling.

I remember learning this skill during the time of the Lego Movie. We were collecting mini figures then – on a whim, it turned out – but we ended up in the Lego store in Leeds feeling all the packets because a kid in there really wanted a Wyldestyle. And why bloody not, she’s awesome.

I can’t remember if we found one or not. I think we did, but it was a Wild West Wyldestyle. But beggars can’t be choosers. And I managed to find a fair few characters that I wanted on the way as well.

So if you see me in a supermarket, holding a small foil bag and staring at the ceiling in contemplation, that’s what I’m doing.

At least until I’m asked to move on….