Worst Feeture

There’s no better feeling in life than when you get off a bus and begin a longish walk to your destination only to find, by the arrival and departure of the same number bus next to you, that you could have ridden the bus ALL THE BLOODY WAY.

Instead it’s sore feet, blisters and calves tighter than a submarine door for me.

God, I love Edinburgh.

I don’t love what it does to my lower limbs. We walked 20,000-odd steps yesterday and 15,000 and something today. Sometimes, if we stop and sit down like, say, at a show when it comes time to leave it takes me a couple of minutes to get my legs working how I wanted them to. I just sort of walk like I’m a heavy item of furniture being rocked along, corner to corner. Or like a shit robot on a slope.

But it’s been entirely worth it. Everything we’ve walked to has been excellent.

Apart from one show which we Googled the reviews for as we were on the way in and genuinely considered running away from.

The reviews were not wrong.

If anything, some of them were overly generous.

But you generally can’t go lower than one star…