One Fine Day

Today has been a good day. I mean they all have – apart from that one hour yesterday that we are never to talk of again. In fact that hour was so traumatic that even the word Nina elicits an involuntary response in me where i wmt to be somewhere else.

There are a lot of posters of Nina Conti up all around town. I love Nina Conti, I really do. But now I just have to call her Conti.

Anyway. Good day.

Shakespeare For Breakfast soared to new heights of brilliance and general lunacy.

The escape room we did today (number 5 of the week) was excellent and we bloody smashed it. When we arrived we weren’t so confident as the room showed a 19% success rate for groups of 2. Again, we fricking smashed it.

Then Gyles Brandreth was hilarious. One of those people who you could listen to for hours with his anecdotes about actors. It was awesome. And it was a pleasure to meet him again after the show, as we did in a previous year.

And Showstopper! was just magnificent. From a starting point of setting it in the head of an audience member’s mother – no, really, we voted for that – it became the most moving, touching and delightful 70 minutes of musical theatre as Mother Jose remembered her life, in snippets of never fitting in. It was amazing. Bias runs strongly in my veins when it comes to Showstopper! I love and adore the lot of them. But even without the bias I’d have still been standing ovationing the shit out of it.

And then I dropped a decently sized dollop of mac ‘n’ cheese from my toasted sandwich (shut up, it was bloody good) down my top.

And while I was cleaning that up, a bird shit on me.

Great day.