Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We Go Home Tomorrow

The penultimate day in Edinburgh is always a weird one.

We see great shows but there’s always that little voice in your head telling you that it’s all over tomorrow and that it’s back to normality.

And you don’t want to go. You’re David Tennant’s Doctor seconds before regeneration. You don’t want to leave. There’s so much potential here. So much to see and do, still. You want to carry on even though you’re exhausted, your feet hate you and you still can’t quite shake the memory of Nina’s Got News.

But end it does.

Tomorrow is mainly Escape Rooms, to be honest. I left the day free to do whatever. I don’t think we thought we’d be doing eight rooms in and amongst all our shows, but that’s how it’s ended up. And that’s awesome. If we escape in time, maybe a show or two before we leave. Or maybe a last meander round the streets trying not to get angry with everyone doing the same but with a mobile phone held aloft, filming the whole thing.

It’s been a great week, though.

I just wish it was just beginning…