We’re on the A1 now. Somewhere between Edinburgh and home. We’re tired, but happy. But also sad because fun is behind us and normal life is in front.

The week has been good to us. There have been highs – so, so many highs – and just the one low.

It’s probably our best good:bad shows ratio of all time, in fact. Last year was a complete shit storm – so many bad shows seen on a whim. We’re learning and evolving.

We’ve also escaped from eight escape rooms this week. That’s pretty good. I have really enjoyed doing them back-to-back like this – we should do it more often.

I have escaped the week with two blisters. One on each foot, in the exact same place.

We’ve eaten no macaroni pies. That’s the statistic that upsets me the most. I blame Greggs for ditching them in 2015. The bastards.

It’s been a great week.

But home is calling, and we have to accept.

Still, it’s only 350-something sleeps until next year…