Fear Factor

We’ve done ten escape rooms in the last week. That’s nearly more than we’d done in total up to the start of last week. And they’ve all been good.

Today we went to Unescapable in Derby to play their two rooms – Tommy and Edith.

Edith is a scary room, which involves lights going on and off and the game host running around trying to put the willies up you (so to speak).

Carole screamed at everything. And told our lovely game host to fuck off about sixteen times.

It was very entertaining.

The room itself (in fact both of the rooms), puzzle-wise, are pretty sparse. The rooms at Unescapable are more about the atmosphere and the story than the puzzle-solving. Which is a little bit weird. I’d prefer a bit more puzzling, to be honest. But having said that, it’s very hard to concentrate on a puzzle while your other half is screaming that someone’s going to leap out at them every few seconds.

Which they didn’t really do. The fear came from the anticipation, I guess. I don’t know. I was dead to it all. For me the lights going out, people running in the darkness or whatever else was just an inconvenience. It was like, I want to get from place to place or whatever but because you’re turning the lights out on me I’m finding it much harder to do that. Also because it’s just a game and… well, you know.

Or because I’m dead inside. Not capable of feeling fear. Capable of having a little laugh as Carole was trapped on one side of a locked door and me on the other. She has a disgusting potty mouth, it turns out, when she’s in such an environment. It was quite shocking to see and hear.

But it was bloody good fun.

Ten games in a week, though.

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.