Happy Hour

There’s a show at the Fringe that sells out day in and day out. It’s been running for years and it’s a bloomin’ delight to go and see.

Nicholas Parsons’ Happy Hour is exactly what it says on the tin. Although it’s usually running at over an hour. But otherwise the tin is spot on.

It’s a chat show of sorts, Nicholas will have guests from the Fringe who come on and chat about their shows and often they’ll chat with Nicholas about his life.

It turns out he’s one of those people you could listen to for ages. And, at 93, he’s got a lot to tell. I wish, in a way, the show was just Nicholas telling us about things – stuff about Just A Minute, or how his parents were particularly displeased with his desire to be an actor. Or how his dad reacted when he found himself in a dressing room where he’d heard things happened. I could listen for ages.

But then, we wouldn’t have found out that actually Carole does like Jo Caulfield, or that Ivo Graham is worth seeing. Or that one of the guys from the Dad’s Army Radio Hour would appreciate my t-shirt.

Which he did.

I really like Nicholas Parsons. I’m a huge fan of Just A Minute. It’s great to see him – at 93 – still doing his show. Even if they’ve built the stage this year so he can’t get up onto it without a circuitous route up some stairs.

Here’s to many, many more.