Double Bus-ted

I’m just taking a break from the Edinburgh stuff. Just for today.

I went to work this afternoon and from leaving the house to unlocking the door of work took me fifty minutes. It’s a twenty minute bus ride. Assuming, of course, a bus turns up.

I waited for about half an hour and then two buses arrived at once and so we began the game of bus leap frog that everyone loves, stopping at alternate stops and things of that nature.

I got on the bus, and got settled. Checked the time of my booking, did a bit of maths in my head, worked out when I’d probably arrive and what I needed to do, set-up wise, when I got there. All was good. I congratulated myself on always leaving earlier than I need to because of reasons just like this. And then I settled down to read my book.

A short while later, we stopped to collect a couple of passengers.

The two women sat on the seat in front of me. And as they were sitting down, the other bus overtook us as per the rules of bus leapfrog.

One of the women turned to the other and said, “We should have waited for the second one…” indicating it speeding past.

It’s lucky that I don’t travel with a large flipchart on an easel and a variety of coloured pens, because at that precise moment I would have shot out of my seat, set up my flipchart board and drawn a series of diagrams showing her how much nonsense she had just issued.

It worries me. It really does.

These people are up and about, mixing with society on a day-to-day basis and yet they can’t work out that the reason the bus they got on stopped was so that they could get on, and that the reason the bus that went past went past was because they were no longer there waiting for a bus to get on. And that had they been there and the second bus had stopped then it wouldn’t have overtaken the first bus and…

Anyway… rant over.

Back to the Edinburgh stuff tomorrow!