Grainne Maguire

Grainne Maguire has a type.

That type is, on the whole, sleazy men.

So what better way to celebrate that than to do an Edinburgh show about it?


Grainne is lovely. It’s impossible not to like her. Even though she’s sure you don’t, for whatever reason.

And also hate her a little bit because she’s MET Kermit the Frog, dammit.

But she’s still desperate to be liked, because she’s not the traditional Irish lovely girl. She’s not going to be traipsed out for Irish beauty pagents and such like. She’s too busy getting herself into trouble with someone she should be hanging around with.

That’s the cut and thrust of a show which has, unfairly, been attracting a large number of pensioners. But it is on in the prime pensioner slot. Just after lunch, when they’re on a scone and cup of tea come down. They see someone who looks lovely on a poster and gravitate towards them. And they seemingly love a girl with an accent because the same thing happens to Fern Brady as well.

Grainne’s show flows along with plenty of self-deprecating humour and it’s a very funny hour. She’s got one of those voices you can just listen to for ages as well, which is exactly what you want when you’re sitting in a tiny room for an hour listening to tales of the time she met Gerry Adams at some function or other.

I mean, it’s not quite Kermit the Frog, but it’s still pretty impressive.