The Miles Jupp Interviews

Miles Jupp is a funny man. But what is he like as an interviewer? Would he be one of those who makes the show – even though there is a guest – all about him, or would he let the guest have the majority share of the limelight, so to speak. Would he be Graham Norton, or would he be Piers Morgan, for example. These are important questions.

It turns out, he’d be well into the Graham Norton end of the spectrum in what was, surprisingly, a very entertaining hour.

I say surprisingly because as the hour started we were left less than thrilled as the guest was announced.

Judy bloody Murray.

I dislike Judy Murray. I still do to a certain extent, because I do think that she is riding the coat-tails of her tennis-playing children like a crazy woman. But they wouldn’t be the decent tennis playing children they are if it wasn’t for the stuff she’s done over the past however many years. So it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. You know, if it wasn’t for her children’s proficiency at tennis, and the fact she attracted media attention for being the pushy mum in the crowd at Wimbledon, she wouldn’t be on Strictly or her absolutely dire performance on an episode of the Crystal Maze. Because without that she’s just been various levels of tennis coach for gradually increasing areas of Scotland.

Basically, when she was announced as the guest, Carole turned and looked at me and asked if I wanted to leave. I was tempted. I’ll be honest. I mean, there was probably a way of finding out who the guests were going to be each day. I didn’t dig that deeply. The day before, for example, it had been celebrity giant (physically) Richard Osman.

And we got Judy bloody Murray.

But we stuck it out. And it was good. It was eye-opening. She has done a lot for the game of tennis in Scotland. A lot of it single-handedly with a piss-poor budget and relying on the good will of parents to get the tennis kids to where they needed to be, fed and generally looked after.

But she also got both of her children into the tennis programme – of twenty or so kids – that she set up. So, you know, swings and roundabouts. I mean, Miles Jupp joked about it, but it is nepotism of the highest order when you stop and look at it.

But as I say, it was an entertaining hour. Particularly as it ended with questions written by Miles’ kids – children who had little or no idea who the guest actually was. Not because, like us, they hadn’t looked for a guest list at any point. Just because they were kids and generally unaware of who people were.

Questions like “When was the last time you sat on a sofa?” are the sort of cutting edge questions you want to ask people sometimes. It cuts through all the bullshit. It’s not about listing your achievements, or whatever. I like crap like that. When I used to read Empire magazine I used to love the celebrity interview thing they did which centred around whether they new how much a pint of milk was.

But I digress. The show was good. Miles was a great interviewer. The guest wasn’t to my liking but it was still an entertaining hour.

If it’s on next year – or something similar – I’m going to do a little bit more research though. It was too much of a close call to risk it again…