Exit Plan Edinburgh – Svengali’s Lair

Locked – by your own hand, to be fair – to a wall in madman’s lair, can you be the ones to thwart the Svengali’s latest dastardly plan? That plan being, in no uncertain terms, to blow you up with a bomb within the hour.

We started off Svengali’s Lair handcuffed to the wall. That’s not a spoiler, it’s mentioned on the website. And our escape lay in the hands of Carole. Who, after some frustrated urging from me, managed to fling the key to the next part of our freedom half way down the room. In her defence, it was a super-tricky tool to use to get the key in the first place, but it my defence I tried it afterwards and it wasn’t that hard.

As it was, we weren’t buggered though because she also has tiny, skinny hands and slipped out of her cuffs enabling us to continue without the need for the Game Master to come in and hand us the key!

From that point on – following a truly wonderful handcuff key delivery system – we were like puzzle solving machines. When we arrived, we’d noticed that the leaderboards stated there was a 19% success rate for groups of two on the room we were doing. I’ll be honest, we were not filled with confidence at that point. But once we got in the room and got off the wall at least we fricking smashed it. Some newer batteries in the UV torch would have been handy, but otherwise we were absolutely spot-on amazing.

We failed the room, apparently.

We didn’t, though. And we successfully argued the case for the fact that we hadn’t actually failed. That was kind of a fly in the ointment when it came to the room. You don’t expect to have to show your workings at the end of it because the computer says one thing and you know you’d done something else entirely. Which, in our case, was fricking smash it.

But I guess that’s a problem with the system they’re using for the final puzzle – it’s not entirely foolproof and it only takes one loose connection to throw up a losing message. We “failed” before we’d even made one move towards doing what we needed to do to win which was the first big giveaway that something was amiss.

The disappointment of the final puzzle showing a failed result, and the fact that there’s no actual escape from the room – you’re just left standing around waiting for the Game Master to come in once you’re done did slightly tarnish it, but otherwise it was a good room with an awesome selection of puzzles (one of which we have at work, so that made it a hell of a lot easier!).

When we’d done, we got told that we probably shouldn’t do Framed because it would be too easy… I think we’ll still give it, and the Tesla Cube, a bash though. It’d be rude not to!