Water Disaster

Just an normal, run-of-the-mill day.

I was working today, all afternoon, so I got ready and threw some stuff into my bag – a book (well, Kindle), a notebook and some pens for any wisdom I may conjure up, and a bottle of water.

And off I went.

It was around three o’clock when I went to get my notebook that I first noticed something was wrong.

I’d got my bag and moved back to the reception/office area of work to sit and chill and write a bit of stuff and read for a while before my next team. I had a gap that was too small to go home for any useable length of time, so I tend to use that time to have an internet free couple of hours. Which is nice. Normally.

As I was sitting on the couch, next to my bag, I started to feel a damp coldness spreading across my arse cheek. I was, as you can imagine, perplexed.

There was a simple answer, however. My water bottle – filled before I left the house and top screwed on, apparently, less than thoroughly – had emptied almost all of its contents into my bag. Retracing my steps I found a very large pool of water on the table in the kitchen where my bag had previously been resting.

For all I know, from the moment I left home this morning, I’ve been trailing a steady stream of water behind me – tracing out my movements like a well-hydrated Hansel and Gretel.

Through some amazing quirk of fate – and possibly its location in an adjacent pocket – my Kindle survived. The edge of the case was wet and it had drawn some water into it through capillary action, but otherwise the one bit of tech in the bag was fine.

Everything else, however, not so much.

My notebook, which contains a list of blog ideas amongst other things, is pretty much a write-off. I mean, it will dry. But no-one wants to spend their next however long writing on the now wavy dried pages, feint-ruled lines washed away by the water. So that’s gone.

What’s worse is that the collection of crumbs which has accumulated in the bottom of my bag over however long has all sort of clumped. And it’s clumped everywhere. It’s stuck to the bottom of the bag, it was all over my water bottle, all over my notebook, all over everything. It’s annoying because for about the past week or so I’ve been thinking “I really need to just get the dustbuster into my bag and hoover out the detritus at the bottom…” and now, because of my actions, I’ve got a bag that is coated with a kind of dough made from crumbs of assorted things that have escaped from Tupperware or packets over however long.

I disgust me sometimes.