Flap Your Wings

I got to enjoy the Butterfly Effect at work today.

You know, the ripples of one thing spreading out and affecting others. It was great to watch it unfold with me stuck in the middle of it. And then realising that even by the simple act of observing the Butterfly Effect in action I had altered the way the Butterfly Effect worked and…

This is why there is a brain exploding emoji.

I’ve had a long day at work again today. I don’t mind it. I love it. It’s just that I feel like I’ve lived there this weekend. But it’s been great – there have been some absolutely cracking teams through the door, and one or two absolutely terrible/uncomfortable to watch ones.

I started today with four games, taking me from 11am to 7pm. Due to the nature of Sunday buses, I opted for a lift with Carole before she went off bee-bothering in Manchester rather than chance the buses not coming and me getting progressively later. As such I was in work a tad early. But I used my time wisely – by which I mean I went to McDonalds and had some breakfast and read my book for a bit.

During my last shift, I got another shift at 9.30, having only remarked yesterday that we don’t seem to get 9pm games much at the moment. A 9pm game means an 11pm bus for me. The last bus home. A bus of fun, frolics and drunkards.

Turns out that 11pm bus doesn’t run on a Sunday anymore as of… well, today I think but it might have been a previous timetable change and I’ve never been in a position to need it. It’s hard to say. I didn’t know that when I left work, otherwise I’d have been quicker putting everything to bed and got for an earlier bus on a different route.

So I ended up waiting twenty minutes longer for the last bus on a different route. I could have got a taxi but I am nothing if not tight and in the bus vs taxi fare wars, the bus wins. The taxi was my fall-back plan’s fall-back plan.

But while I was waiting, I started to do that “Have I turned off the….” thing that you do when you brain suddenly goes “hahahaha you’ve not done this!” I had time to nip back to work and check. And it turns out I’d left the fans running. Which I’m sure would have been fine but equally sods law says the engines would have burned out, they would then have caught fire and the subsequent blaze would have destroyed work.

And I managed to correct that problem and be back for the bus. During which time I met a weird man who insisted on talking to me. So yaay.

And then after all that I got home a mere five minutes after I’d have got home if the 11pm bus had still been running.

Meanwhile, in a Sliding Doors universe I came home on the 11pm bus and those fans are still turning…