Breaking The Routine

Today we got “It’s unusual for you to have your shopping delivered at night…”

The Sainsbury’s drivers know us too well, I think. After big lad last week, and now this, I’m starting to wonder if we should lay low a little. And it’s not just the drivers either, the Customer Service Desk has started making call backs to my previous emails in their responses to me regarding the lack of Lego Cards the other week. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s superb as far as customer service gets but I fear we’re only a couple of weeks away from being Facebook buddies.

And yes, it was unusual to have the shopping deliver in the evening. But there was no need to use the sort of disapproving tone that we got. Our working theory is that the driver – who has definitely been a morning driver – has asked to move shifts because he hates coming to our house. And now we’ve buggered him up by ordering a late delivery and he’s had to come here anyway. It won’t be that. He probably didn’t even mean to sound as disapproving of our schedule as he did. But it happened, and we are going to run with it.

The reason behind the delivery is because I dropped a massive bollock yesterday. To cut a long story short, I didn’t checkout the shopping. So it never came. But luckily we totally realised that before we waited for nearly the entire original delivery window and it was only an off-hand comment about not having checked the email to see what our substitutes were that led us down the path of no groceries.

Carole, apparently, suspected from the get-go. Using all her savvy know how that she’s gleaned from all the times when she’s been here when a shop has been delivered and not found an excuse to go out.

She didn’t say anything, mind. Not until we’d more-or-less proven that a bollock had been dropped. Then she was doing the I Told You So dance and rubbing my face in it.

So I had to do a quick order. Well, actually, I didn’t. There was no immediate rush. But it just felt wrong to have it on another day. So I threw in a delivery for the same day – just waaaay later. And lo, there it was at 8pm. With some green vegetables which needed eating before the end of today.

Mmm, a nice supper of peas and broccoli. Yaay.

I said that with a similar level of disapproval as the driver used towards our late hour delivery.

Honestly, I’ve never heard them so cross.