Flu The Night

The man flu still has a grip upon my poor, weakened body. I fight my way through feverish dreams, cold sweats, hot sweats, shakes, dizzy spells, aches, pains and a bit of a runny nose. And all without even complaining about it at all.

Or even barely mentioning it.

I mean, it’s a lot less of a grip than it had even yesterday, but there’s still enough to work with. I can wake up from sleep with a mouth dryer than the bottom of a bird cage so that the first swallow upon waking is singularly the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Or I can combat a seemingly never-ending stream of snot pouring from my nose like a tap has been opened.

But hey, I’m better than I was yesterday. Yesterday was hot sweats and feeling dizzy. Which was quite exciting considering I was at work. Today has been a much less strenuous day where most of it has been spent horizontal.

However, I have totally messed myself up by sleeping for large portions of the day. Sure I’ve given my body time to deal with things and make me feel considerably better, but I have ensured that I’ll be awake for aaages tonight, having removed any need for sleep from my body for the foreseeable future.


I’m just going for a lie down…