The weather’s turned a little bit colder these past few days, with Storm Whatever-It’s-Called blowing bins over willy-nilly and causing a woman to need to be rescued from her car in flood waters. Because there’s always one who things they can drive through flooded roads, but the dramatic rescue of someone from a car when the water is half-way up the doors isn’t that dramatic, in all honesty. It’s no raging torrent and she was narrowly saved from death.

But anyway, I digress.

My issue is, I’m not sure I remember how to wear a coat.

I don’t think I’ve worn a coat for about six months. That might be a slight exaggeration but I don’t think I’m that far off with my guestimate. The idea of putting a coat on now just fills me with trepidation. Will I still like the feeling of my arms being encased in material. I’m not a big fan of sleeves at the best of times, and I can cope with a coat but after so long of just being able to be bare-armed… I don’t know. The idea seems entirely alien to me.

I managed to do today without a coat, and it wasn’t too bad in all honesty. I could feel a potential for a chill in the air, and I can smell coat weather on the horizon but I’m determined to hold out as long as possible, even if Carole tells me it’s nippy. Or my colleague at work is already counting down to what she calls “heater weather”. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already back up to three pairs of leggings instead of her usual two.

Carole’s had the first hot water bottle of the season this week. I have been to bed with a t-shirt on instead of my usual naked, rippling torso and shorts combo. So I will admit it’s colder than it has been. And I know Carole is eager to “test” the heating and just, you know, run it for a while to get all the dust off the radiators – the distinctive smell of a heating system coming on after several months of non-use.

But do I really have to go back to a coat?