TGI Full

One of the things I particularly enjoyed yesterday was Carole’s complete transformation into a proper English complainer.

After we’d finished messing around at Amy and Ian’s room – and we chatted for ages afterwards – we departed for some food. Carole had – as she can often be relied upon to do – sourced the location of a nearby TGI Friday’s. And we do enjoy a nice TGI every now and again.

We were, however, warned that it might be busy.

It was busy.

It was full, but also empty.

We went in, and asked for a table for two. We were told the wait was going to be at least an hour.

And that’s when the transformation occurred.

I just accepted this. Carole, on the other hand, looked at all the empty tables around the establishment. And then pointed them all out. And was properly put out in an entirely English way. It was amazing. I mean, I say amazing. It was one of the times when I wish that I could pretend not to know her. Like when she asks anyone anything in a shop. Or – the worst of the bunch – when she decides to not bother with certain items once they’ve been rung through a till and are not part of a deal. Which is a savvy way to shop, but when you’re then just leaving bags of compost on a till, is a little bit mortifying.

I almost had to drag her out of TGI Fridays, such was the level of her anger and annoyance and the fact that we couldn’t use one of the many, many empty tables on display.

I mean, she was so cross she nearly walked into the car parked next to ours – with her key out for optimum scratchiness – but luckily she was deflected from that path at the last moment.

I’ve never seen her so incensed by something.

Luckily, she had a busy day at work today otherwise I suspect that the TGI Friday’s head office would have got a strongly worded email…

We had a McDonalds instead.

It’s not really the same, though.