Doctor When

I’ll be completely honest. I am really, really looking forward to Doctor Who tomorrow.

For starters it’s been too long between series and for seconds I think Jodie Whitaker’s going to be ace. So hopefully all the whinging can stop and people can just enjoy it without twatting on about the obvious political reasons behind the casting and blah blah blah.

The Doctor ran out of regenerations a Capaldi ago. Everyone seems more than happy to let that slide. We can see past the  fact that Clara essentially begged for a new set of regenerations to save the Doctor… but the woman thing.

Uh oh.

My biggest issue is I might be working and miss it.

As it is a shift came in for late tomorrow night and I accepted it without a thought. And then I did the maths for when I needed to leave and I was genuinely worried by the whole thing.

As it is I think Carole will run me into town rather than me try and juggle the twin vagaries of a Sunday service AND an evening service. So at least we can leave after all the fun is done, and as I’d be at work the temptations of looking at the interwebs to see people (still) complaining about the woman thing would be removed. And, thusly, I would be less cross!

But there’s still a chance an earlier Doctor-ruining shift might come in.

I can’t really send a message to the boss asking for every Sunday evening off for the next ten weeks…

Can I?