How Do You Solve A Problem Like Peppa?

When I used the back bedroom as an office/man-cave it was very much frowned upon. It was seen as a pace which took me away from Carole. It was a bad thing.

Now, however, it’s Carole’s office (at least when my mum’s not sleeping over) and that is perfectly fine. It’s not seem as sny sort of distruption to our home life. It’s a place she can disappear to and study things to do with stuff.

But it comes at a price. Because that room is also, historically, Peppa’s bedroom. She lived in there as a kitten, before she was old enough to go out into the world. It’s the room she released her first live mouse/vole/shrew into. It carries a lot of menories for her.

So it’s no wonder she likes to go in there and chill on the bed. Or under the bed. Or to sit on the windowsill and survey her domain.

Part of Carole’s office arrangement is tgat she wants it to remain calm. Peppa is chaos dressed in black-and-white fur. So we tend to lean towards keeping the doir shut.

Except it can’t remain shut at all times. And when it’s open Peppa has a habit of sneaking in. And every single time we don’t know she’s in there we shut the doir and trap her in there. For varying lengths of time, until one of us hears her mewing or scratching at the door.

Carole wants her office to be a safe workspace.

I’m sure a trapped cat crapping on her text books wouldn’t quite be in line with the existing Feng Shui…