The Heat Was On

Well, the heating plan backfired in spectacular fashion.

It won me some brownie points from Carole as she slid out of bed into the warmed air of the house. But up until that point it was just two people lying in bed sweating like buggery because it was so warm.

In fact, it was so warm in the house – from only a brief bit of heating – that when I got out of bed after Carole had left for work, I found all the windows open and the house quite nippy. Practically the complete opposite of the warming luxury that Carole awoke to.

But god it was hot.

Carole was sleeping under two duvets, so she was sweltering. And I’m not a massive fan of hugely warm beds… so, yeah, I’m really glad I set the heating to come on like I did.

I’ve turned it off now. That’s it. We tried. It failed miserably. We won’t be trying again until the frost is thick on the ground and you have to snap the icicles off the shower before you can use it.

In other news, Amazon seemingly don’t care about their mis-delivered parcel. Which is all well and good but Daniel is coming to visit on Thursday. And one of his very, very special skills is to sniff out food. One Christmas he went to our fridge to get a drink and was gone an awfully long time – it turns out he was devouring a copious amount of leftover turkey and all the trimmings. I’m worried that he’s going to sniff out the chocolate cake and we’re going to get up in the morning to find him gone (he’s leaving at 3am to go to Spain or something) and just a chocolatey fork and some crumbs in his bed.

That’s assuming the chocolatey goodness survived the furnace-like heat of the house this morning…