Let Them Eat Cake

Well, it’s happened. I suppose it was always going to, when you consider that we were a house without chocolate. And Daniel was here. And he’d had to wait ages for an Indian takeaway to be delivered. To the point where you could not only hear his stomach rumbling, but it was starting to be registered on seismic equipment around the globe.

We’ve opened the cake.

Morally it’s entirely wrong.

Other than that it’s actually quite tasty.

It goes out of date in a couple of days, it has zero resale potential. So really we’re just letting the cake live out its full potential. You know, like when Phoebe is so concerned about the Christmas trees in Friends. Or when you see a smart phone in the hands of a pensioner and you know that all it has to look forward to is a lifetime of accidentally taking pictures of ears when they try to make a call.

Obviously now that has happened I fully expect to receive some sort of missive from the Amazonians with regards to the package. I mean it’s only been a week, so it’s bound to suddenly rear its ugly head now that we’ve chowed down on a couple of slices – although Daniel was far more generous to himself than he was to me – and Carole’s picked all the good bits off the top (because that’s what she does).

But you know what, if they do I’ll cover the cost of the cake. They can have the noodle soups back. I might keep the crisps though, because who can resist a knock-off Frazzle, although they are an incredibly poor choice for mid-gaming snackage because of the bacon-flavoured crumbs which will slough from the surface of the crisp. I can’t understand what the original nerd was even thinking when he ordered them. Apart from “bacon!” which is, of course, a thing. All the bacon.

I’d say the cake would have survived all the way past its best before date were it not for Daniel’s presence. And the fact that once I mentioned it existed he came running out of the kitchen clutching a sharp knife and a fork…

I suspect we might hear him padding his way downstairs in the middle of the night just to have another “little” bit of it….