He Did It!

We appear to have fallen into a little bit of a TV rabbit hole over the past couple of evenings.

We’ve found ourselves – and then I’ve found myself – watching a collection of true crime shows covering cold cases. And we spend most of it with incredulous “what?” expressions on our faces.

They’re just amazing. I mean, insanely troubling. But amazing.

The things that get missed are both worrying and beyond baffling. They leave you wondering what the hell actually happened when the initial investigation was carried out. I mean, I know hindsight provides you with 20:20 vision but when it’s things like not getting the browsing history from all available browsers on a computer, or going with natural causes as the cause of death when someone has a STAB WOUND IN THEIR SKULL is a bit much.

And then the suspects skip off, free as a bird, because while all the evidence was there, it just wasn’t looked at properly or whatever.

I mean, I’ve literally just watched someone analyse the video of a sale in a burger joint, working out if the amount paid was enough to get a meal for one or two people. They literally sat and worked out what bills were handed over and all sorts, based on the place in the till it was put and things like that. The first clue was the fact that when he left the burger place he was carrying a tiny bag and one drink, but hey you go and spend ages working out the change my friends…

If I’m not careful this could be my new Finding Bigfoot. Because Finding Bigfoot ended. Without Finding Bigfoot, unsurprisingly.

So these cold case things fit in really well. They gather all the evidence, just like in Finding Bigfoot. Listen to witnesses. Just like in Finding Bigfoot.

And then – at least so far – don’t manage to get anything concrete in place by the end of it.

Exactly like Finding Bigfoot.