So someone who should probably have been having a Trump-free year is the owner of the Trump wagon and general pipe-bomb maker. I find there’s no better way to make someone that people think is already inciting weirdos appear normal than by sending pipe-bombs to anyone who dislikes him.

Still, at least they’ve caught him.

It might have had something to do with his heavily decorated vehicle, adorned with pictures of Trump like it had been decorated in a LadBaby video (you know, before they sold out to Facebook and added a level of staging not seen since Clarkson-era Top Gear). But anyway, he’s caught.

Yesterday, however, he wasn’t caught. He was out and about, putting things that go bang into envelopes to people who have said Trump is a bit of an idiot.

When I log onto the internet, I get a homepage that’s like a news digest thing – it’s where I find out what protocols Meghan Markle has broken, or which actor looks different now they’re older than they did when they were younger. There are also nuggets of news hidden amongst the absolute bollocks. Most of it lives on a carousel at the top of the page, which is interspersed with adverts.

Yesterday I got a turn of the carousel dedicated to the letter bombs. Why they were being sent, what was being done, and how Trump thinks it’s probably someone who’s not really understood but is otherwise a great guy. You know, that sort of thing.

The next carousel page?

Amazon Prime.

Because that’s totally appropriate directly after stories about someone sending stuff in the mail. Hey, why not use Amazon Prime for free next day delivery? But not of exploding tubes. That would be bad.

Surely that’s got to have been picked up at some level. Maybe? Or is it a tailored advert because I once looked at Amazon on the laptop and now it thinks I need to be offered a product that I already have and use on a ridiculously regular basis?

Either way it should probably not have followed those particular news stories.

They’ve caught him now though.

So maybe, if I flick round, there’ll be an advert for the five seasons of Prison Break that are now available on Netflix.

That’s the way it works, yeah?