Dictionary Corner

Carole’s well under way with her Open University stuff.

She’s turned the back bedroom into her office space and is putting in the hours studying, while I sit downstairs just looking at a picture of her to remember what she looks like.

I jest, of course. I have a good memory. I don’t need a picture.

But the course has created a monster. She’s been doing grammar most recently, which means that she’s really getting into the whole noun, adjective and verb thing.

REALLY getting into it.

We spent this evening just chilling, because she has been working hard at both work and study and it’s nice to have a night off away from everything. It wasn’t entirely without the Uni work, though, as she was busily submitting her first assessment (a whole week early, bloody teacher’s pet) but once that was done we settled in to have a relaxing evening.

I was enjoying the sights and sounds of Forza Horizon. Carole was reading…

And then the monster awoke.

It turns out she can’t just read anymore. She has to read and occasionally point out verbs or nouns or whatever else she comes across. Not just once or twice. Loads of times. I can only imagine things are going to get even worse as she delves further into the realms of English Literature study and starts to go through comprehension exercises.

Gone will be the “…. is a verb” statements. Then we’ll be looking to find the hidden meanings behind what the author meant when they wrote a certain passage.

Although, at the minute she’s reading a Clive Cussler book – one of many that I removed from the shelves to go to a charity shop, as it’s insanely unlikely I will ever re-read them, but which never quite made it to their destination. So because it’s a Cussler there’s not too much hidden depth to anything written on the page. There’s not even much unhidden depth to what’s written either if we’re honest.

Dirk Pitt is who Clive Cussler wishes he was. That’s as deep as it goes. Carole discovered that just from reading the author blurb at the start of the book which states that Cussler’s life closely resembles that of the adventures of Dirk Pitt.

Closely resembles.

He owns some old cars and likes boats. That’s how close it gets.

Still, that’s all to come. For now I’ll just wait to find out the identity of the next adjective Carole comes across…