Oh De Toilet?

I was just quietly waiting for a team at work.

They were late, and I’m still working on the old school method which was to go down to open the door about fifteen minutes before the game is due to start. I don’t need to do that anymore as we have a nifty doorbell now, but I still like to because it’s nice to see the world.

I was waiting for quite a while. They were pretty late. But I waited, dutifully. Leaning in the doorway and watching the world go by.

There seems to be a few different types who walk past – pretty much regardless of time of day. There are those who are aware of what we are, those who have no idea and might stop for a chat, and others who are amazed we are open. We’re open all the time. It’s just that the door isn’t always open. You’ll find that with most escape rooms – they look shut because they’re open. It’s part of the fun.

Anyway, today I got an added bonus.

A man walked past the door, with the aid of a walking frame. I heard him coming long before he got to the door because there was a very distinctive lift and drag noise coming from the frame. The man was quite old, wearing a cowboy hat and large earphones. He was wearing a blazer adorned with a lot of badges – enough to put even the flairiest of flair-wearers at TGIs to shame.

He drew level with the door and said “Morning!” nothing unusual about that. It was afternoon, but you can’t always be right. And people do often say hello as they walk past. Mainly the odd ones, now I think about it.

“Oh, thanks for letting me use your toilet about a year ago!”

What? I’ve never let him use our toilet – either business or domestic. I’ve never seen the guy before – I would have remembered. It didn’t look like he was a recent convert to the cowboy hat. Or the badges. That would have stood out.  I once saw a guy in a pith helmet striding through town and if I ever saw him again I’d recognise him  – these things stick with you.

And the fact that our toilet is up a floor, requiring the negotiation of two flights of stairs, and this man was lifting and dragging a walking frame made the whole prospect seem highly unlikely.

But hey, everyone likes to be thanked for stuff, don’t they?

“You’re very welcome,” I said. “Happy to help.”