Currant Account

We had a relatively small online shop this week, so I thought I’d get ahead of the game and order a decent portion of the ingredients for our Christmas cakes, as well as bank a frozen turkey crown to save us faffing around later on this month.

But Sainsbury’s have done their best to thwart me.

I’ve got the turkey, even though it looks woefully small. But I think I think this every year and we’re still eating it about sixteen days after, so maybe it’s not that small. But, likewise, I’m also thinking of getting another one because I do love my leftovers. Although are they technically leftovers if you’ve cooked something with the sole intention of it being leftovers?

But the Christmas cake is a whole other matter.

Sultanas – nope. Raisins – yes, but a more up-market version. Currants (the main bulk of the fruit in the cake) – nope.

The sultanas they sent us were the basics which, I guess, we could have used. But basics mean that you’re running a risk that half the weight of the bag is made up with stalks. And no-one wants that. The raisins are better than the ones we ordered, and therefore more expensive, but in the face of the rest of the dried fruit catastrophe, we had to take that as a win.

The currants though… not so much.

We make two cakes. That takes the better part of one kilogram of currants. In fact, it possibly does take the entirety of a kilogram of currants because we have to make up for the fact we’ve cut out the nuts. Either way, it’s a hefty amount of currants.

I ordered a kilogram of currants – two 500g bags.

I got sent….

A 200g bag of jumbo raisin mix.

I mean, it’s dried fruit. So that’s one box ticked but other than that it’s a massive swing and a miss.

I’ve added the currants to the shop for next week, but I’m not optimistic. The way things are going, we could end up with a box of grapes that we have to dry out ourselves…