Curry Favour

Dear Sainsbury’s,

You know, I’m not even mad. This is not even a message of complaint. It’s more a message of awareness. Or maybe by writing it down I’ll be able to make sense of it all. But I don’t think I will. Because it makes little or no sense. But hey, here we go.

Last week, we did a shop. Among the items on the shop were two bags of currants, weighing in at 500g each. For those keeping score, that’s a kilogram of currants. There were, it appeared, no currants in the Huddersfield area and we received a substitute item in place of these currants. Two hundred grams of raisins. Which is a fifth of the desired weight in entirely the wrong dried fruit.

I mentioned this to our delivery guy this morning as we discussed what is about to appear below, and he said that seemed okay because there are all sorts of dried fruits and that there can’t be any difference between them really. And then mentioned cranberries. Which are very different. So I stopped talking to him about it.

Anyway, today. Today I ordered a ready meal because I was at work this evening and knew I wouldn’t be bothered to cook anything. Equally, I work in a job where I may finish later than I initially think due to incoming bookings so meal times can be fluid. My desired meal – a chicken jalfrezi – was not in stock so I received a chicken tikka in its stead.

Not just one.

FOUR of them.


Where I had ordered a £2.50 meal. I received £10 of substituted items.

I sent them all back because I didn’t really fancy a tikka but… I mean… what? Last week it’s a fifth of what we ordered, this week four times as much. What’s even more confusing regarding the jalfrezi is that when I ordered it there were at least two others that showed up on the items page – either of which would have been preferable to enough tikka to float a boat in. An admittedly very small boat, but a boat none-the-less.

I don’t know what you do with feedback like this.

I assume you pass it on to the store and then next week someone will stamp on my eggs. Although as they’re always consistently packed at the bottom of the crates often under the cushioning safety of products such as large bags of potatoes it would be hard to tell if any actual egg-stamping had taken place.

Seriously, though, I’m not annoyed, cross or demanding that something be done. I’m just bemused. And I know from when I worked in customer service that there’s not really a category for bemusement.

As a side-note, I did finish – I mean the fictional children of ours finished – the Lego Card collection this year, despite the best work of the delivery team not to hand over anything!