Clothes Minded

Carole’s currently embarking on a clothing plan. I’m fairly sure she’s picked it up from one of the weird books she reads, or the websites she frequents. It’s probably on Pinterest. Or Tumblr. Or something like that. Or Marie Kondo mentioned it.

I don’t know.

But it has all the hallmarks of being something from that sort of crazy clutter-sorting stable.

Previously, Carole did an experiment in which she wore a different pair of socks each day (which is normal) but these socks, once washed, were not introduced back into circulation until all her socks had been word.

She has enough pairs of socks, Ladies and Gentleman, to wear a different pair each day for two months. And one of those months doesn’t even have to be February. She has a lot of socks.

So this time, it’s expanded.

She’s wearing everything she owns, pretty much. She’s decided that she only wears the same things, so now the experiment encompasses every drawer and wardrobe occupied by her clothes. She wears them, they are washed and do not re-enter circulation until all have been warn. They’re not being ironed or anything. Just stored, out of the way, so as not to ruin the experiment.

Which is awesome, because it means our ironing baskets look at least 50% less daunting.

But not awesome because it means at some point an absolute shit-ton of ironing is going to suddenly appear. And I hope I don’t have to do it because I am so slow at ironing that it is ridiculous. I think it’s because I’ll pop on a TV show or something as background, but then the ironing becomes the background activity to the TV show. But my heart’s in the right place, even if most of the creases aren’t.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the rest of Carole’s clothes can perform as well as her socks. I don’t think they can, but some stuff might come scarily close.

There’s also the added excitement that Carole is ridiculously sensitive to dust and other allergens in her clothes, making her skin flare up at the drop of a hat (if we go to hotels etc, she has to sleep in stuff which exposes the minimum amount of bare flesh in case she’s allergic to the chemicals the bedding was washed in…. which she invariably is).

Some of these clothes have been in wardrobes and the like for a long time.

Which means every item that she wears that she “forgot she had” is essentially like spinning the chambers of the gun in Russian Roulette.

We are just one dusty top away from having to slather her in Savlon.