Premature Decoration

One of the elements I enjoy as a bus passenger is looking out of the windows on these lovely dark nights.

You’re afforded a glimpse into people’s homes, by virtue of their open curtains and lights on. You can spend a twenty minute bus journey marvelling at how big some of the TVs are, especially in the houses where something like a TV of that size shouldn’t be high on the purchasing scale.

And then the other day I saw my first Christmas tree. Lit up for all the world to see.

It’s still November.

It’s ridiculously too early.

It’s bad enough having all the bloody Christmas adverts all over the TV – and I’m counting myself lucky that I’ve avoided Elton John’s one up to press. They’re everywhere.

But Christmas trees up, with no irony, in mid-November is just plain wrong. So, so wrong.

I’m sure this didn’t used to be a thing. Or maybe it was just an unnoticed thing. But it’s grown in popularity because of Facebook and such like. You can’t scroll your timeline without at least one of your friends saying they’ve put the tree up already, or possibly debating whether it’s too early to put it up.

Let me save you the trouble – if you have to ask, it’s too early. If you don’t have to ask then you clearly have no issues with it and it’s fine. You can apply the same technique to questions that begin “Is it weird if…”

If you ask it, then yes. If you just do it, then no.

Just stop putting your tree up this early.

Judging by how late people on that particular street took their lights down last year, I can’t imagine that by, say, tomorrow that will be the only one on display.

Just because a lot of people do it, it doesn’t mean it’s right.